Associating with the FTA pays off

With a multi-generational audience that appreciates excellence and innovation, the FTA invites you to help us build a
strategic banding program solidly rooted in our respective missions and brands.

By being associated with the fta, you:

  • Consolidate your position as a leader in the cultural sphere and raise the profile of your firm or organization
  • Participate in the growth and development of a constantly evolving artistic event
  • Contribute to the growing reputation of Montreal as a world-renowned centre for contemporary dance and theatre

The first major event in Montreal’s annual summer festival season

  • 14 days of performances, events and activities that are enjoyed by more than 40,000 spectators every year
  • More than 600 artists and professionals involved in presenting the FTA program
  • Almost 80 performances in Montreal’s most prestigious venues
  • Dynamic encounters and activities at the QG not to be missed, making for an exciting festival ambience

The biggest international festival of contemporary theatre and dance in North America, with a wide range of fascinating performances:

  • International works, premières and national and international co-productions
  • Renowned artists
  • Grand events presented free of charge
  • Productions highlighting emerging artists from Quebec and across Canada

Collaborations with major Montreal institutions

  • Place des Arts, Monument National, entertainment district, Cinémathèque québécoise and many more

An audience that is multigenerational, curious, open and passionate

A strong, committed team
 that puts together, year after year, a bold, popular event.

We invite you to contact us to work together on a personalized strategic branding program. The FTA is receptive to sponsorships of products and services that contribute to reducing Festival operating costs.

For more information about our partnership program, please contact:

Ludovic Delrieux
Partnership and private funding coordinator
514 842 0704 + 29