Our Shared Utopias

What are you doing here, spectator?

Art is a unwanted gift, notes choreographer Meg Stuart in one of her shows. From artists we receive visions – small utopias, vivid fragments of reality, mirages or shocks from a very candid mirror. We receive often unprecedented forms that touch us, that revolt or trouble us, that delight us and sometimes leave us perplexed. How can we together activate that collective experience of art? FTA Playgrounds transform the energy of the performances into food for thought, encouraging the collision of minds.

The first step is to awaken the senses. Before the Festival begins, films (fiction and documentaries) are shown at the Cinémathèque québécoise. Once the Festival is underway, performances generate reactions, discussions and debates, with some artists engaging in post-performance talks with the audience. The QG is home to several discussions, presentations and debates full of passion and lively back-and-forth, breakfast chats, theatre workshops and impromptu get-togethers. All these shared moments create a communal experience, a sharing of ideas and opinions, not to mention letting loose at parties at the QG!

In addition, the Festival also organizes activities for students, young artists beginning their careers and seasoned professionals. This year will also see the publication of Nos jours de fête, a book on the history and highlights of the FTA with testimonials from artists and traces of past editions, a reflection of the unflagging quest for art that is here and now, art that is essential and vibrant.

Most Playground activities are free of charge and open to one and all. We look forward to seeing you there!

Other Activities

Discussions and other activities at the QG

Meet with artists, lecture, round tables, seminars, launch, etc.

Cocktail Hours

Day camp

Cocktails, choreographies and lectures

QG by night

Party nights at the QG

Free admission – welcome one and all!

Montreal by night

A musical archaeological dig

The eclectic DJ Rhythm & Hues will be joining us throughout the Festival to spice up our evening after-parties, adapted to suit the mood  of the moment and to get festivalgoers up and dancing. From Afrobeat and France Gall to cumbia, he keeps the ambiance diverse and danceable. Musical vagabond and versatile selector he collects sounds from all over the planet, from Hong Kong to Colombia and South Africa.


Fiction films, art films and documentaries

QG + Cinémathèque québécoise + Goethe-Institut Montréal

FTA Clinics

Tools for tomorrow

Clinics designed to provide artists with new approaches

Master Classes

Classes for dance and theatre professional artists

Master classes are open to dance and theatre artists, and to other performance disciplines. It is an opportunity for professionals to develop their tools and know-how, to gather fresh momentum and ideas, and thus rejuvenate their own artistic approach.

Benefiting from the presence of renowned international artists invited to Montreal, the FTA master classes provide a look at the aesthetics and creative approaches of major artists. Participants of all ages and backgrounds explore avenues of research as they transmit and discuss creative ideas.