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Over the past three decades, the FTA has made its commitment to Quebec youth a key element of its mission and values. Thanks to our Student Outreach program, every year hundreds of adolescents are able to develop their critical awareness, sense of aesthetics and creativity through exposure to outstanding performances and workshops offered by our guest artists. The various sections of the program are adapted to the reality and pedagogical needs of students, providing schools with an opportunity to participate in the FTA experience in vibrant, active fashion.

Working in conjunction with high schools, colleges and universities, the FTA is actively committed to demystifying the arts and making them accessible to young people. The enthusiasm and openness of the students only confirms our conviction as to the importance of introducing them to striking contemporary works that question the human condition and the role of the artist in our society.

Our sincere thanks to Hydro-Québec for its support of these student outreach initiatives

Student outreach

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Since 2001, the Festival TransAmériques has enjoyed a leading position in artistic mediation and on raising awareness about the arts among young audiences through its many student outreach initiatives.

The Student Outreach program includes a number of educational projects (FTA Excursion + Customized FTA Excursion + FTA at School + FTA à la carte) that reach out to schools all across Quebec. The success of the program has only reinforced our conviction as to the importance of introducing students to contemporary works that question the human condition and the role of the artist in our societies. The program opens up the imaginations of adolescents, providing them with an opportunity to further develop their critical and aesthetic aptitudes, and also their creativity.


FTA excursion

Grades 10 and 11
This unique educational project consists of a four days long cultural immersion for Grade 10 and 11 high school students across Quebec. From Thursday to Sunday, the excursion combines  enjoyment of performing arts with spectator education. Students attend five performances, as well as a documentary feature on the creative process, visit other Montreal cultural institutions, meet exceptional artists and participate to our theatre and dance workshops directed by two professional art mediators.

This cultural outing is supervised by two specialized mediators, Sophie Michaud (dance) and Anne Nadeau (theatre). They work at demystifying contemporary theatre and dance and introducing teenagers to the creative process, allowing them to better appreciate and discuss works of art.

Through a variety of pedagogical approaches, the FTA excursion gives teenagers and their teachers the necessary tools to analyze a performance and refine their opinions. Well-prepared students do not feel out of their depth when attending performances. On the contrary, they are able to discuss them at length. The many activities will awaken their sensitivity and receptiveness, help develop their critical and aesthetic judgment, and  heighten their openness to the diversity of performing arts.

May 23 to 26 and May 30 to June 2, 2019 – Book now!
$260 per student, including three nights’ lodging (shared rooms)
Approximately $360 per accompanying adult, including three nights’ lodging (single room)

Costs of participation may vary from one school to another, depending on methods employed to finance the activity.

Participant’s Guide – 2018 FTA ExcursioN (for reference purposes)

CUSTOMIZED FTA EXCURSION / create your own excursion of at least 3 shows!

Grade 10 and 11, college & university

When attending to three shows or more, a student group has the opportunity to intensely experience one of the major performing arts festivals in North America. Participants are introduced to a wide variety of artistic processes, which encourages a better understanding of the infinite challenges and possibilities of contemporary creation.

This project gives teachers the possibility; to attend FTA shows with their students on their own terms, attend customized workshops given by artist or free complementary activities, have access to supporting material, and to have the opportunity to meet with  FTA artists and artisans.

Depending on the schedule, activities of this project can take place on two or three days, including during the weekend.

The fare depends on the choice of activities


High school, college & university   

Enjoy exciting new works of theatre and dance at an affordable rate with our discount for groups of 15 students or more. We can also provide all the information you need to make sure to choose this year’s unmissable shows and guide you through our program. First come, first served…book quickly! You can also reserve your tickets now and choose the show at a later date.

Approx. $ 25 per student, depending on the shows*
Supporting material about the piece is provided to the teachers.

*These rates are available in a limited number of places and are offered for groups larger than 15 students. Once this quantity gets exhausted, a 25 % reduction is offered to the student groups.

FTA AT SCHOOL / Preparatory workshop in class + show

Grade 10 and 11 & college students in Greater Montreal

For a richer, more dynamic festival experience, invite an artist or a cultural mediator to visit your class before the show so that your students are well prepared for what they are going to see. You can also invite a member of the festival team to talk about the FTA’s history and mission.

Supporting material about the piece is provided to the teachers.

The fare depends on the choice of activities

Reservations now available!

Testimonials from teachers

“When students jump in an artistic universe  like the FTA’s for four days and attend high quality productions, they open themselves to new artistic forms which enrich the content of the school program. The diversity of artistic genres and topics was the major asset. Nonetheless, the bold nature of the mises-en –scène have strongly impressed the students, which had almost never happened to them before.”
Paméla Vallée / École secondaire Cité-des-Jeunes, Vaudreuil-Dorion, FTA 2009-2015

“Travelling, meeting others, discovering other approaches and other visions, coming to grips with the captivating discomfort of artistic audacity, appreciating the blending of disciplines, and then returning home and noticing that the students have actually travelled way further than the distance to Montreal on a path constructed with open-mindedness and extensive questioning and then finally a great desire to get back on the road.”
Caroline Paré / Collège de Champigny, Sainte-Foy, FTA 2011-2015

Pedagogical ressources


Would you like to discuss with your students the artistic approach of certain artists presenting their work at Festival TransAmériques? The FTA can provide extensive documentation for most of the shows and artists.


Satellite Activities
From get-togethers with artists and discussions at the FTA Quartier général to exhibits in galleries and outdoor shows, the FTA presents many cultural activities free of charge, enhancing your teaching and stimulating the minds and creativity of your students.

Tour of dance and theatre schools

Colleges, universities and drama & dance schools

In March and April the Festival TransAmériques team will be visiting a number of dance and theatre schools in Greater Montreal, leading information sessions on the works presented this year at the FTA. Plays and dance pieces as well as current trends and issues will be discussed, accompanied by video excerpts.

It is also an opportunity for students to purchase tickets at a discount rate. This service is offered exclusively to theatre and dance students!

Would you like to have the FTA come visit your school? Let us know!

UQAM summer seminar

Graduate & undergraduate university students / UQAM students & independent student  

This summer seminar examines major trends in contemporary performing arts by focusing on shows presented at Festival TransAmériques. The seminar will include about ten theatre and dance pieces, as well as the get-togethers and lectures organized by the festival. Students are invited to analyze form and content, draw out sense and meaning and contextualize these works.

This course is available to UQAM students and independent students. It is a valuable tool for comprehending the issues and practices of contemporary dance and theatre.

Jeanne-Renée D. Lorrain
Audience Development Coordinator
jeanne-renee @ fta.ca

514-842-0704 ext. 26