Tools for Tomorrow

Free and wild thinking is alive and well in this second edition of the FTA Clinics. In a feverish global context, it is difficult to create and present works without taking into account the convulsions of current affairs. What is the political and socioeconomic climate facing artists? What is the sense of urgency? How do we navigate between responsibility, nonchalance and liberty?

Our guests — dramaturges, translators, researchers, artists — will tackle these questions in lively conversations resonating with voices from near and far, and from contrasting creative contexts. In addition to this forum of ideas, our “clinicians” will provide private consultations, offering support and guidance to contemporary creation. FTA Clinics jolt our ways of thinking, the better to grasp the present.

Moderators Émilie Martz-Kuhn + Jessie Mill
In French

FTA Clinics

Private Consultations

Take advantage of the presence of our six eminent clinicians! Submit a theatre or dance project — whether it’s new, temporarily set aside or at a standstill — and benefit from a booster shot of vitaminized ideas and feedback. Treatment made to measure. Side effects highly beneficial. Consultations consist of a one-on-one meeting of a maximum duration of 90 minutes.

Private consultation will focus on a dramatic or artistic aspect of the project, a major question, a difficulty or an impasse encountered during the creative process. A few possible examples:

  • Framing and expressing creative issues;
  • Questions of structure, composition, rhythm;
  • Working methods;
  • Expanding sources, references, staging tools;
  • Stage adaptations, rewrites, updates;
  • Documentary approaches and ethical issues;
  • Sociopolitical issues;
  • Stage vocabulary and tone and style of performance


Registration required (12 participants only)
In English and French
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Day 1 – May 27

At the QG

Guests Jaime Arrambide (Buenos Aires) + Anne-Francoise Benhamou (École Normale Supérieure, Paris) + Gustavo Fijalkow (Coventry University) + Mette Ingvartsen (Bruxelles) + Laurent Muhleisen (Comédie-Française, Paris) + Sandra Noeth (Berlin) + Frank Weigand (Berlin)

From Montreal  Simon Drouin (Bureau De L’APA) + Geoffrey Gaquere (Espace Libre) + Clement De Gaulejac + Michael Toppings (Montréal – Arts Interculturels)

1 p.m.
Conversation #1, avec Gustavo Fijalkow, Geoffrey Gaquère et Michael Toppings
Apprehending / Comprehending Today’s World
In a discussion on the notion of the current context for creating art, three attentive observers probe the links between creation and the surrounding environment. A dialogue that examines the creative act as witness to the cultural, economic and political movements of our times.

2 p.m.
Side note
A great mind ponders a great question. Lend him your ears.
Sandra Noeth sur l’hospitalité

3 p.m.
Conversation #2, avec Jaime Arrambide, Simon Drouin et Mette Ingvarsten
(Re)conquering Current Events
Three artists question the response of art to the shock of reality. How can the stage reconquer or displace current events? If urgency gives rise to new works, will they help us grasp a complex reality or indeed transcend it? Or, on the contrary, will the work suffice on its own?

4 p.m.
Pandemonium & Promise, Clément de Gaulejac.
This forum is open to all; time to speak your mind. Many microphones and many voices, including yours. Reports from the front and stories shared, followed by cocktails.

Day 2 – May 28

At the QG

10:30 a.m.
Breakfast with Rimini Protokoll
Whether it be Call Cutta, Cargo Sofia, Remote Santiago or 100 % Montréal, Rimini Protokoll examines the current situation in various cities, conducting on-site research and then transposing their findings, inventing or reworking elements in ever-changing contexts. The reflection and discussion of the previous day continues.

Guests Frank Bohle + Helgard Haug + Stefan Kaegi
Moderators Frank Weigand + Jessie Mill
In English And French