Open to professional stage artists — performers, choreographers, directors, dramaturges, writers, set designers — the Master classes are an occasion for artistic enrichment, an opportunity to rejuvenate one’s aesthetic approach.

The classes offer stimulating encounters with major artists in Montreal for the Festival, a chance to develop new creative tools and innovative approaches while exploring a singular aesthetic universe free of the dictates of performance. Share know-how and creative ideas with other artists of varying disciplines and aesthetics, of different generations and backgrounds. Develop new momentum, a fresh approach to your creative process.

Registration deadline: April 22, 2018
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In association with Conseil québécois du théâtre + Union des artistes

May 28 + 29
Tuesday + Wednesday

Gabino Rodríguez
Entre fiction et réalité : théâtre documentaire ?
A creator of documentary theatre who thirsts for reality, the Mexican artist Gabino Rodríguez mixes specific facts, duly dated and geographically localized, with fiction. With the collective Lagartidas Tiradas al Sol, he approaches a scene from multiple perspectives, in diverse languages. His work encourages debate and reflection as it raises some ethical, political and aesthetic issues at the heart of this workshop.

In French and Spanish

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June 4 + 5 

Monday + Tuesday

Albert Khoza
Rituel, magie et chamanisme
The South African Albert Ibokwe Khoza combines different artistic media with traditional knowledge. A shaman and healer, he communicates with ancestors and uses dance to invoke spirits. In this practical workshop, he introduces participants to and raises their awareness of his singular creative process, one that is attentive to the ills of society and the environment, turning dance into a sacred ritual.

In English

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