Open to professional stage artists — performers, choreographers, directors, dramaturges, writers, set designers — the Master classes are an occasion for artistic enrichment, an opportunity to rejuvenate one’s aesthetic approach.

The classes offer stimulating encounters with major artists in Montreal for the Festival, a chance to develop new creative tools and innovative approaches while exploring a singular aesthetic universe free of the dictates of performance. Share know-how and creative ideas with other artists of varying disciplines and aesthetics, of different generations and backgrounds. Develop new momentum, a fresh approach to your creative process.

Registration deadline: 15 avril 2017
EXTENSION: there are still a few open spots for Eszter Salamon’s class.
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In association with Conseil québécois du théâtre + Union des artistes

30 + 31 mai

Tuesday + Wednesday

Toshiki Okada
Toshiki Okada employs the unconscious movements and gestures of the everyday, creating a unique physical language whose singular nature and force fascinates the worlds of theatre and dance. He will share his conception of acting, particularly the relationship between gesture and speech, in a practical workshop on new methods of writing for the stage.

Time’s Journey Through a Room

1 + 2 juin

Thursday + Friday

Eszter Salamon
In MONUMENT 0, Eszter Salamon reconsiders the history of the 20th century, offering an alternate perspective of our world by expressing certain forms and other repressed events of the past. By teaching the participants a dance of the Mapuche people of southern Chile, the workshop will embrace questions about resistance and the future of indigenous tribes whose land has been confiscated.

MONUMENT 0 : Haunted by the War (1913-2013)