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Radovan Dranga


Jaha Koo

A bittersweet portrait of the life of a young Korean with three rice cookers of the popular brand Cuckoo which talk, argue and sing songs. Atypical and disconcerting.

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Jaha Koo (Seoul + Amsterdam)

Born (1984) and raised in South Korea, the performance artist Jaha Koo attended university there before moving to Holland, where he obtained a Master’s degree in theatre studies in Amsterdam.

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Cuckoo feels like a peculiar kind of dream, a communication from your subconscious, offering some truth you’ll never be able to translate into words.”

Henry Gleaden,, 2019-02-15

“The piece is beautifully constructed, with different sections each adding another layer to our understanding of recent history and contemporary life in South Korea.”

Dorothy Max Prior,

“A week later, I’m still haunted by the show’s sounds and images.”

Dorothy Max Prior,

“Playwright Jaha Koo’s Cuckoo tells the heart-rending tale of South Korea’s recent history.”

Gilles Michiels, De Standaard, 2018


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