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Anna Karasińska

Six actors, no script. Seated behind the auditorium,Anna Karasińska, a young vital force in Polish theatre, gives directions with a microphone. A laboratory of virtuoso improvisation.

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Anna Karasińska (Warsaw) TR Warszawa

She has been called “a virus in Polish theatre”, but the young director Anna Karasińska initially studied fine arts, philosophy and choreography before attending film school in Łodz.

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“The unusual theatrical experience Karasińska creates in Fantasia is refreshing and exciting, eschewing theatrical convention to create something new, immediate and imaginative.”

Saoirse Anton,, 2018-10-14

“As an audience member, you’re challenged to stay with it and think about what’s happening and why. A workout for your imagination.”

Lisa Connell, Peter Dunne & Sean Kennedy,, 2018-10-05

“Everything within its playful, largely improvised hour requires an imaginative collaboration.”

Peter Crawley, Irish Times, 2018-10-01

“A genuinely fascinating and utterly charming slow burner.”

Chris O’Rourke,, 2018-09-30


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