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Fluid Grounds

Benoît Lachambre + Sophie Corriveau

A wooden floor, tons of adhesive tape. A playful, poetic act of profound resonance, Fluid Grounds is a landscape where anything is possible.

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© Véronique Soucy

Benoît Lachambre (Montreal) Par B.L.eux

A leading dancer of his generation, the choreographer and performer Benoît Lachambre is renowned for his exploratory approach to movement based on a heightened awakening of the senses.

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Sophie Corriveau (Montreal) Par B.L.eux

A dancer, performer, choreographer and teacher, Sophie Corriveau shares with Lachambre an interest in a kinaesthetic, somatic approach to movement, and the pursuit of improvisation and stimulating an awakening of the senses and deep-rooted sensations when creating a dance piece.


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Media Coverage

“If any dancer can find other dimensions, it is surely Lachambre.”

Victor Swoboda, Montreal Gazette, 2015-05-09, about Hyperterrestres

“Lachambre is stooped but resilient; a shape-shifter.”

Lucy M. May, Dance Current, 2014-05-30, about Snakeskins

“Any work by Benoît Lachambre commands attention.”

Victor Swoboda, Montreal Gazette, 2013-10-12, about Prismes

“Lachambre opens himself up as never before in a performance, making his own skin a surface of resistance to any formatted idea.”

Downtown Calgary,, 2016-02-25, about Snakeskins