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Granma. Trombones de La Havane

Stefan Kaegi

Grandchildren of Fidel’s Castro comrades employ the words of their grandparents to reconstruct the Cuban revolution… as they play the trombone.


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Stefan Kaegi (Zurich + Berlin) Rimini Protokoll

Active since 2000, the Berlin collective Rimini Protokoll is a major player on the contemporary documentary and participatory theatre scene.

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After two hours of journey time, this continual back-and-forth between the projected images and what you ‘really’ see outside produces a truly unique experience that neatly distils what our lives have become today: nomadic, rootless, everywhere and nowhere; a life where images have become part and parcel of reality.

Fabienne Darge, Le Monde, 2018-02-08, about Cargo Congo-Lausanne

Surprisingly moving, 100% Montreal is an enthralling exercise of psychological, social and political examination of the individual and collective self and of the systems that govern us. It’s a winning choice for this year’s FTA and a befitting selection forthe official programming of Montreal’s 375th anniversary.

Camilla Fitzgibbon,, 2017-05-26, about 100 % Montréal

« Le théâtre de Kaegi est ainsi : en lien direct avec le réel, le quotidien, l’humain. »

Natacha Rossel,, 2018-01-29

« Ce collectif de trois auteurs-metteurs en scène cherche chaque fois à proposer des expériences sensibles qui ébranlent l’idée que nous nous faisons du réel. »

Claire Richard,, 2016-10-24

« C’est une grande force du “théâtre documentaire” de Rimini Protokoll que de savoir nouer (…) l’échelle générale à celle individuelle. »

Nicolas Garnier,, 2016-09-26


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