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Le super méga continental

Sylvain Émard

375 Montrealers perform a gigantic Continental in unison on a colossal dance floor, the biggest line dance ever. Sheer bliss!

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Sylvain Émard (Montreal) Sylvain Émard Danse

Sylvain Émard is at the forefront of contemporary dance in Canada. Initially adopting a theatrical approach, his works soon took on the formal, poetic aesthetics for which he is well known.

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“Best of 2015, Top 5 dance: Sylvain Emard’s epic community dance project was unlike anything else we saw in 2015.”

Deborah Meyers, The Vancouver Sun, about the Grand continental in Vancouver,




Andrew Boynton, The New Yorker, about the Grand continental in New York, United States, 2012-12-17



“[The dancers] are delightful to watch. (…) And the shy, flirtatious smiles many of them presented to the audience were absolutely winning.”

Claudia La Rocco, The New York Times, about the Grand continental in New York, 2012-06-24



“It was a grand sight. Both music and choreography were as infectious with community spirit as a holiday parade.”

Victor Swoboda, The Gazette, about the Continental XL, 2011-10-21