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Put Your Heart Under Your Feet… And Walk!

Steven Cohen

Put Your Heart… is a mournful poem of unbearable beauty, which follows the march of a survivor through a land of mourning. A singularly extreme ritualized cantata.

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Steven Cohen (Johannesburg + Lille) Compagnie Steven Cohen

The choreographer, performer and visual artist Steven Cohen was born in Johannesburg in 1962 and now lives in France.

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Media Coverage

“A touching tribute to a departed lover. (…) A beautifully orchestrated ritual.”

Keegan Frances and Megan Kelly, Cue Media, 2018-07-07

“A bafflingly beautiful work. (…) Cohen’s aesthetics, composition and design are impeccable. The theatricality of his impressions is spellbinding. His artistic innovation and creative ingenuity is extraordinary.”

Pinto Ferreira,, 2018-03-13

“You will never see a braver, more passionate and powerful performance than Steven’s.”

Monique Vajifdar, Sunday Times, 2018-03-11

“This is not a dance work. It’s a work of impeccable love.”

Robyn Sassen,, 2018-03-08


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