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Rather a Ditch

Clara Furey

Echoing the hypnotic Steve Reich album Different Trains, Clara Furey directs Céline Bonnier in a sensual, visceral solo full of the silence of what has been lost.

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Clara Furey (Montreal)

Clara Furey studied music at the Conservatoire de Paris, and began her career as a singer and composer.

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“Simply mesmerizing! The performance was marked by stunning authenticity (…) a perfect offering to Cohen’s memory.”

James D. Campbell, White Hot Magazine, 2018-01, about When Even The

“The richness of living this connection with a play and its performers for a full hour was a resonant experience.”

Jane-Anne Cormier,, 2017-12-15, about Cosmic Love

Furey in performance is an electrifying presence, even when she’s hardly moving.

Robert Everett-Green, The Globe and Mail, 2017-11-24, about When Even The

“A beautiful moment of simplicity and humility, and humanity.”

Quinn Baston,, 2017-06-28, about Untied Tales(the vanished power of the usual reign)


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