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Some Hope for the Bastards

Frédérick Gravel

Frédérick Gravel is back once again to kindle our desire for disturbing excitement, taking the big Monument National stage by storm with a choreographic concert of downright corrosive energy.

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Frédérick Gravel (Montreal)

Over the past dozen years, Frédérick Gravel has delighted in calling into question the very foundations of contemporary dance, dispensing with tradition and brandishing a kaleidoscopic aesthetic, a quirky mélange of different disciplines.

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“[Frédérick Gravel’s] shows feel like something new and real.”

Janet Smith,, 2016-06-22, about Usually Beauty Fails



“Frédérick Gravel is arguably the most significant dance artist to emerge in Quebec in the past 10 years. He produces dance theatre – a combination of text and movement – that is sly and subversive.”

Paula Citron, The Globe and Mail, 2014-08-12, about Thus Spoke…

« Rares sont les chorégraphes de danse contemporaine qui réussissent à faire frétiller les ados autant que les critiques les plus férus du genre. »

Fabienne Cabado, Voir, 2016-05-24



« Aussi bien au Québec qu’à l’étranger, Frédérick Gravel a marqué les esprits avec ses concerts chorégraphiques et son univers d’énergie bouillonnante, de crudité sexuelle et de désinvolture ironique. »

Nayla Naoufal, Le Devoir, 2015-11-07