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This Time Will Be Different

Lara Kramer + Émilie Monnet

Denouncing the status quo so harmful to the Indigenous peoples of Canada, this installation-performance creates a decolonized space where generations come together to retake possession of their past and present.

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Lara Kramer (Montreal) Lara Kramer Danse

Lara Kramer is a Montreal-based performer, choreographer and multidisciplinary artist of Cree, Ojibwe and Mennonite heritage.

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Émilie Monnet (Montreal) Onishka Productions

Born from an Anishinaabe mother and a French father, Émilie Monnet’s practice is at the intersection of theatre, performance and media arts, and centres on questions of identity, memory, history and transformation.

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Media Coverage

“An intimate introduction to Kramer’s creative universe and the profoundly personal, marking and haunting impact Canada’s treatment of its indigenous peoples has had on her and countless others.”

Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson,, 2019-02-23, about Phantom Stills & Vibrations

“A robust new theatrical work by one of the country’s increasingly prominent and vital artistic voices.”

Camilla Fitzgibbon,, 2018-06-01, about Windigo

“A cutting, chilling depiction of the repercussions of Northern destruction.”

Camilla Fitzgibbon,, 2018-06-01, about Windigo

“The work tears at rote surfaces, literally and conceptually, exposing vibrant and often painful animacies, like so much upturned earth.”

Fabien Maltais-Bayda, Esse, Printemps 2018, about Windigo


Day Events at QG

Decolonized Bodies

Friday, May 24, 5 p.m., Headquarters (QG).
Day Events at QG

Haunted Nation or Canadian Apartheid

Saturday, June 1, 12:30 p.m., Headquarters (QG).