Montreal, March 21, 2017 – The FTA is locked and loaded and ready to roar from May 25 to June 8, 2017 as it presents 27 dance and theatre shows featuring artists who will transform springtime in Montreal. These include 10 co-productions, 9 world premières and 11 North American premières, presented in 20 different cultural venues.

For 15 days Montreal will be host to battalions of artists of different generations from Europe, Asia and America. Like athletes taking part in an international sports competition, they will thrill audiences with surprising, dazzling and memorable performances. The delegation of Montreal artists will be reinforced by comrades from Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Grenoble, Lausanne, Lisbon, Paris, Quebec City, Seville, Tokyo, Vancouver and Wrocaw.

I stand by the notion of an artistic elite, similar to the generally accepted notion of a sports elite. The number of highly talented artists who live in Montreal producing art that resonates the world over is exceptional. Without these men and women contributing to our collective growth and development, we would not have embraced modernity some 50 years ago, would not be engaged today in a passionate dialogue with the here and now.

This edition pays tribute to a city where art inspires, instilling hope for a better tomorrow. In a world where walls we had thought demolished for good are being rebuilt, that is priceless.”
– Martin Faucher, artistic director

Montreal, Star of the Show

Like the lead actor in a play written collectively by artists, spectators and citizens, Montreal is at the heart of this 11th edition. With a dynamic program of works from here and abroad, Montreal will be engaged in a dialogue with other cities, other vestiges, other legacies. Reflecting the current era of networks, migrations and conflicts driven by ideology and identity, cities are places where anything is possible. They act as a catalyst for artists, stimulating their imaginations, serving as both canvas and raw material. Above all they nourish the desire to tell stories, for cities are collections of individual stories and histories.

Welcome to FTA 2017!