From festival de théâtre des amériques to festival transamériques

From 1985 to 2006, the Festival de théâtre des Amériques (FTA), a celebration of international contemporary theatre, featured innovative theatre companies from all over the world, presenting 232 performances from 31 countries to audiences that totalled over half a million spectators. The festival played an active role in supporting contemporary theatre by co-producing new works, arranging international exchanges and providing a showcase for artists and companies from here and abroad.

Presented for the first time in 1985, the Festival de théâtre des Amériques was held in Montreal every two years. Starting in 1996, the FTA began presenting an “insert” edition in alternate years known as the Théâtres du Monde. From 1997 to 2005, Nouvelles Scènes provided ashowcase for more than thirty young theatre, dance and performance companies from Quebec and across Canada.

The educational and cultural mission of the FTA has made an invaluable contribution to the quality of life of all Montrealers. It has become part of the social fabric of the city, bringing the best of the world’s stages to its doorstep.

Festival transamériques 2007-2015 – nine dazzling editions

After two successful decades, in May 2007 the Festival de Théâtre des Amériques gave way to the Festival TransAmériques. Pursuing a similar approach, the new version features a diverse range of genres and theatrical experiences, breaking down boundaries in a cornucopia of theatre, dance, performance pieces and other incredible, often unclassifiable art forms.

The Festival TransAmériques made a spectacular entry on the Montreal scene in 2007 with a program of exciting shows, stirring passion and debate among enthusiastic audiences. Driven by the same taste for risk and daring as its predecessor the Festival de théâtre des Amériques, the Festival TransAmériques continues to present vibrant, striking works.

The nine editions of Festival TransAmériques have been a joyous presentation of a multitude of forms and aesthetics, from mainstream theatre to fascinating research, in an exciting reflection of contemporary culture, offering a multitude of impressions, sensations and images.

Every year, the Festival TransAmériques presents free outdoor performances of shows by leading artists, events that bring art into the daily lives of ordinary citizens and assert the importance of artistic interventions in the public space. Moreover, the Festival actively supports the creation of new work and over the past years has co-produced around 100 works.

The Festival is also committed to sharing and transmitting skills and experience, with a number of mentoring, public awareness, training and audience development activities organized each year. Every year 200 young high school students are invited to attend the Festival, experiencing total immersion in the FTA for four days.

Each year, the Festival welcomes more than a hundred presenters, producers, festival directors and programmers, artistic directors, critics and journalists from all over the globe, with the FTA now an international event that helps promote the leading artists of our time.

Over the past nine editions, the Festival TransAmériques has made its mark as a major event for Montreal, and its prestige and renown benefit not only the artists but all Montrealers.

Since 1985

865 200 festivalgoers

459 shows

47 countries represented

96 co-productions

More  than $1,000,000 alloted to coproduction activities

Each year

More than 100 programmers form abroad

125 accredited journalists from Quebec, Canada and abroad