Calling all Quebec choreographers, directors, performers, dramaturges and designers! A chance to engage in fruitful dialogue, to work together and share experiences, the intent is to dismantle barriers and open minds and doors in a spirit of exchange and hospitality.

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TransFormation Danse

TransFormation Danse is a contemporary dance intensive workshop for professional dancers, choreographers, teachers, and emerging artists. A variety of workshops, laboratories and classes are offered on an à la carte basis. The artists themselves choose and design a schedule and programming which best embodies the pursuit of their own artistic development. This year’s edition features three choreographers and offers a plunge into their approach to dance creation.

© Manuel Roque

Manuel Roque
June 3 to 5 (10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.)

© Sabrina Reeves

Mélanie Demers
June 3 to 5 (10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.)
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© Caroline Désilets

Sovann Rochon-Prom Tep
June 1 to 4 (6:15. to 8:15 pm)
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Due to the current context, the workshops offered by nora chipaumire and Camille Louis unfortunately had to be cancelled.

nora chipaumire, Introduction to Nhaka

© Elise Duval


Born and raised in Zimbabwe, the choreographer nora chipaumire has been developing a living technique, a physical manifesto called Nhaka (inheritance legacy in Shona, her mother tongue). By incorporating dances from the African continent into Shona philosophy and spiritual practices, she creates a dance form with no references to classical ballet or modern dance. Initiation into a liberating and demanding practice.

In English
In association with MAI – Montréal, arts interculturels
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Roving Dramaturgy: Establishing Relations

In rethinking and editing the present, she establishes links between worlds, activating the unseen background of artistic creation. Paying attention to the context and particular issues of each aspect, she shares a vast, vibrant cartography of dramatic potential that is anchored in practice and action.

In French