We have an individual, collective, and institutional responsibility toward the land, its resources, and everything that lives on it. By including social and environmental justice among FTA’s fundamental values, we intend to reduce the negative impact of our activities and promote positive outcomes that support a livable future.



+ We recognize that we are still learning and that this path demands constant effort.

+ We ackowledge that the Festival takes place on precious and vulnerable ancestral Indigenous land, which we have a duty to preserve.

+ We maintain high standards for sustainable event management.

+ We adopt inclusive practices with regard to artistic communities.

+ We work to reach a diverse audience and seek to reduce barriers to participation.

+ We encourage festivalgoers and all other FTA stakeholders to adopt behaviours that are more considerate of the planet’s future.

+ When inviting artists and their works to the Festival, we take the different sociopolitical and economic contexts they come from into account.

+ We believe that the fight for the environment requires intersectional engagement that takes power relationships and social inequalities into account.

+ We express our solidarity with the claims of First Nations peoples and the fight against climate change.

+ We embrace the transformations needed to ensure the Festival’s continued existence while respecting the living world and future generations.


The FTA Team

our sustainability initiatives