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A Conversation with Lars Jan

Lars Jan + Binh An Vu Van

On the Esplanade Tranquille sits a monumental aquarium, in which Lars Jan’s truly aquatic theatre takes place. His project Holoscenes focuses on the consequences of climate change using a sophisticated artistic apparatus, conceived in collaboration with scientists. In the company of Découverte journalist Binh An Vu Van, Jan will share his environmental concerns and discuss the new knowledge that has enhanced his work. 

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Lars Jan (Los Angeles) Guest artist

The American artist Lars Jan is the son of immigrants from Afghanistan and Poland. Multidisciplinary in his approach, he is a director, writer and visual artist and the founder of Early Morning Opera, a laboratory that combines live performance with new technologies and unique experiences.

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Binh An Vu Van (Montreal) Moderator

Binh An Vu Van is a journalist specializing in the popular science program Découverte, broadcast on ICI Radio-Canada Télé.

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