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Cispersonnages en quête d’auteurice

Catherine Bourgeois

Exploring Blind Spots

In his famous play Six Characters in Search of an Author, Pirandello called into question the legitimacy of his actors and denounced the theatre of his time for its inability to approach truth through fiction. A century later, it’s the turn of Catherine Bourgeois, who cannot resist the temptation to gum up the works of theatrical artifice in this play featuring a group of actors in search of meaning. As ethical concerns proliferate, creative possibilities disintegrate, and soon the group seems trapped in the solitary domain of reality, in all its complexity.

Should we be ashamed of our dreams? What does it mean to be a character in a play? Do we always hide our moral failings? Do you believe in unicorns? These are the thorny, unsolvable questions tackled by Joe Jack & John as the company makes its first-ever appearance at Festival TransAmériques. P.S.: It’s a comedy!

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© Thibault Carron

Catherine Bourgeois (Montreal) Joe Jack & John

Scenographer and director Catherine Bourgeois, who remains at the helm of the company she co-founded 20 years ago, continues to cultivate this unique creative space that is always driven by the pursuit of the unique.

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« Catherine Bourgeois porte toujours haut et fort le flambeau d’un théâtre s’interrogeant sur les normes sociales avec pertinence et ludisme. »

Christian Saint-Pierre, Le Devoir, 2022-09-16, about Les Waitress sont tristes

« Faire entendre haut et fort la parole de personnes qu’on n’entend que trop peu dans notre société. »

Karine Tessier, JEU, 2022-09-24, about Les Waitress sont tristes

« L’acte de spectature dépasse les limites du geste artistique et devient une expérience humaine ! »

Karine Tessier, Jeu, revue de théâtre, 2022-09-24 about Les Waitress sont tristes


“Too often, ethical questions are addressed in a climate of fear. We’re worried about sharing our opinion, speaking about certain things, making a mistake… I wanted to take the opportunity to create a space with more freedom.”

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