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Confession publique

Mélanie Demers

Once Upon a Time…

Its title serving as a promise, Confession publique explores ambiguity and paradox, probes the noble and the vulgar, oscillates between grace and brutality. Choreographer Mélanie Demers turns her trusted collaborator Angélique Willkie into her muse. Together, these two kindred spirits explore the act of telling others about yourself without reserve. The result is a hard-hitting solo show, where anecdotes become painful secrets and the body reveals as much as words, if not more.

The trust that emerges from this profound encounter between the two artists enables a full unveiling, a courageous laying bare of the self. On stage, Willkie, who provides the raw material for the show, cannot escape the audience’s gaze. With her, an enigmatic human presence, sometimes devoted, sometimes hostile, manipulates and organizes the space. Through her powerful voice and captivating presence, the performer conveys the beauty and depths of her soul with strength and fragility.

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Sabrina Reeves

Mélanie Demers (Montreal) MAYDAY

Mélanie Demers is a multidisciplinary artist who has choreographed over 30 works presented in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia. A creator of movements but above all a weaver of relationships, she founded the company MAYDAY in 2007. 

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“Willkie draws us into her private worlds of imagination, hopes, dreams and memories and makes the viewer want to enter her journey.”

Philip Spzorer, The Dance Current, 2021-12-03


« I look for the subtext, or rather the sub-action, that leads us into the hidden recesses, the shadowy areas, that determine how we move.” 

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