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Creation Destruction

Dana Gingras

All the Hope in the World

As the sun sets over the Esplanade Tranquille, eleven magnificent dancers and a dozen outstanding musicians interact with nebulas of light. A monumental work of stark virtuosity, Creation Destruction combines a call to environmental action with a profound metaphysical experience. An explosion of sensations in the very heart of the city, it will make you feel in every fibre of your being that we are just as capable of creation as we are of destruction.

To compose the music, choreographer Dana Gingras called on four members of legendary Montreal band Godspeed You! Black Emperor, who are joined by an ensemble of musicians. The dancing pixels of the captivating, shape-shifting video installation were produced by UK collective United Visual Artists. In this time of unbridled capitalism and climate emergency, Creation Destruction stimulates our collective intelligence through a sensory overflow, reminding us that creativity is always a source of hope.

Guest artist Lara Kramer will perform an Offering Invitation before the show.

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Dana Gingras (Montreal) Animals of Distinction

The term “choreographer” can seem somewhat reductive when talking about Dana Gingras, head of the Montreal multimedia dance company Animals of Distinction. Situated at the intersection of different languages and artistic collaborations, her shape-shifting work unlocks the boundless possibilities of the human body and new technology.

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“Dana Gingras has created a mammoth, existential work; a utopian dystopia for the digital age. It’s totally abstract, and entirely driven by moment-to-moment sensory effects. I can’t believe it exists. […] The performance relies heavily on technology to create its thrilling effects, so we fall in love with it even though it is the source of all this destruction.”

Liam Donovan, Lights Up Toronto, 2022-06-16


Creation Destruction deals with the thin line between creating and destroying. We humans are capable of both. The piece is a prism through which you can face the emotions generated by the fact that we’re destroying the world and nevertheless feel hope. […] It’s a call to care.

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