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Dans le ventre de la baleine

Maryse Goudreau

Immersive Experience

The multidisciplinary artist Maryse Goudreau, author of La conquête du béluga, has been following this fascinating animal for two decades. Her sonic and tactile work, Dans le ventre de la baleine, grants entry to a unique world, one spectator at a time. Thanks to a small sensory listening device, the sound waves of belugas invite participants to immerse themselves in the heart of a nursery habitat. What do they have to tell us?

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Maryse Goudreau (Escuminac)

A multidisciplinary artist from the Gaspé Peninsula, Maryse Goudreau began a long cycle of work about belugas in 2012. She studied their behaviour and political and poetic significance, dove with them, filmed them, and recorded their sounds, building up a comprehensive archive. 

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