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Danse à la carte – TransFormation Workshop

Nadia Beugré + Mélanie Demers +
Catherine Gaudet + Lara Kramer +
Qudus Onikeku + Naishi Wang

TransFormation Danse is an intensive contemporary dance workshop for professional dancers, choreographers, teachers, and emerging artists. A variety of workshops, laboratories, and classes are offered on an à la carte basis. The participants themselves choose and design a schedule and programming which best embodies the pursuit of their own artistic development. This year’s edition features six choreographers and offers a plunge into their approach to dance creation.

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© Antoine Tempé

Nadia Beugré (L'homme rare) Guest artist

A native of Abidjan, Nadia Beugré was for many years a dancer in the Ivorian company Tché-Tché (which performed in Montreal at FIND in 1999) with Béatrice Kombé, who played an important role in her personal development.

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Sabrina Reeves

Mélanie Demers (Confession publique) Guest artist

Mélanie Demers is a multidisciplinary artist who has choreographed over 30 works presented in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

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© Julie Artacho

Catherine Gaudet (Les jolies choses) Guest artist

On Catherine Gaudet’s stage, social masks come off to the rhythm of bodies exulting. After surveying the troubling truths and irreverent underground pathways of our humanity with Au sein des plus raides vertus (FTA, 2014) and Tout ce qui va revient (2018), Gaudet is back at FTA with a whole new piece, Les jolies choses. This time, she steps away from the theatrical aspects of her earlier works, all the while maintaining her subversive powers.

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© Stefan Petersen

Lara Kramer (Them Voices) Guest artist

Lara Kramer is a choreographer and multidisciplinary artist of mixed Oji-Cree and Mennonite heritage. Her work, which is grounded in intergenerational relations and knowledge and the impacts of the Indian Residential Schools of Canada, has been presented all across Canada, in Martinique, New Zealand, the UK and Australia.

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© Alli Hajarat

Qudus Onikeku (Re:Incarnation) Guest artist

Qudus Onikeku is a representative of a new generation of artists working internationally. The choreographer was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and in 2009 went on to train at the École nationale supérieure des arts du cirque in France, initially working at the crossroads of dance and acrobatics. Inspired by traditional Yoruba philosophy, he has also been influenced by hip-hop, capoeira, and contemporary dance.

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© Ivy Wang

Naishi Wang (Face to Face) Guest artist

Naishi Wang has lived and worked in Toronto since entering The School of Toronto Dance Theatre in 2004. He attracted the Festival TransAmériques’s attention through his involvement in Quebec choreographer Paul-André Fortier’s projects 15 X LA NUIT and Trois (Agora de la danse, 2017), among others. 


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