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Danses à venir: Performative Launch

Michel F Côté + Catherine Lavoie-Marcus

Written by Catherine Lavoie-Marcus and Michel F. Côté and designed by graphic artist Frédérique Gagnon, Danses à venir is a collection of 161 proposed dances that speculates about the art of choreography and invents its future with no concern for feasibility. Five movement activists will dance the collection before your very eyes.

Dancers Léonie Bélanger + Jean Bui + Emmanuel Jouthe + Anne-Flore de Rochambeau + Catherine Tardif

Scenography Pénélope et Chloë

In association with La danse sur les routes du Québec

This project was supported by FTA Respirations

About the artists

Catherine and Michel write and play collaboratively, their four hands and two heads coming together to explore, not unlike two mountain goats discovering a new slope. Nostalgic for more nomadic times, they wander verbosely through uncertain and varied terrains: an actual choreography, Schizes (2013), an eponymous column in esse arts+opinion (2014–2019), as well as many other collaborations around gesture and sound, such as Singeries (2016, with Priscilla Guy and Antoine Quirion Couture), Anarchives de la danse (2016–2019), and La Canopée (2018). When the weather is nice, they think anything is possible, and can sometimes be glimpsed out and about, creating dancing holographic figurines.

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Michel F Côté (Montréal) Co-author

Catherine Lavoie-Marcus (Montréal) Co-author