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Felwine Sarr: Expanding the Geography of Knowledge

Felwine Sarr + Stéphane Martelly


One of the great thinkers of our time, Senegal’s Felwine Sarr moves among various fields: economics, philosophy, literature, and music. From academic settings to spaces of resistance—theatres, festivals, stages, or even the Ateliers de la pensée (“Workshops of Thought”), which he founded in Dakar and Saint-Louis, he asks how to construct a living society. His works offer a poetic and political response to contemporary global issues, illuminated by the possibilities of the African continent.

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Felwine Sarr (Niodior) Guest artist

The Senegalese economist, philosopher, writer, musician and playwright Felwine Sarr questions the existing political and economic models, convinced that the African continent can be the driving force behind a planetary renewal—provided that it completes its decolonization and proposes a new project for civilization.

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Stéphane Martelly (Montreal) Moderator

Writer, painter and scholar Stéphane Martelly was born in Port-au-Prince. Her deeply transdisciplinary practice, which draws from theory, critical thought, and artmaking, is marked by a reflexive approach to contemporary Haitian literature, creation, literary marginality, and the limits of interpretation.

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