Barbara Filion
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First Peoples and their Living Voices

Barbara Filion + Zoe Compton


The start of the United Nations’ International Decade of Indigenous Languages is a call to action. Linguists predict that between 50 and 90% of the world’s roughly 7,000 languages will have disappeared until the end of the century, and Indigenous languages are the most endangered. Barbara Filion from the Canadian Commission for UNESCO collaborates with First Nations in order to support the protection, maintenance and revitalization of their languages.

With the support of Commission canadienne pour l’UNESCO + Décennie des langues autochtones

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Barbara Filion (Ottawa) Speaker

Barbara Filion is the Programme Officer for Culture, with the Canadian Commission for UNESCO. She has previously worked as a consultant and served as the Reconciliation Program Director at the Canadian Museums Association.

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Zoe Compton (Montreal ) Moderator

Zoe is an artist, an educator, and an environmentalist.

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