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High Bed Lower Castle

Ellen Furey + Malik Nashad Sharpe

Heaven and Earth

True to its title, High Bed Lower Castle inverts perspectives. It’s a true false tale of giant beds and tiny castles that mixes archetypal characters, dances in varying registers, spoken words and songs, visibly invisible actions—in short, a work of infinite imagination. Welcome to this bountiful world. Leave your expectations behind. Project yourself into it!

Ellen Furey is a Canadian based in Montreal, Malik Nashad Sharpe a U.S. citizen based in London. Nothing in their respective geographies and histories, their compositions and artistic practices, suggests that these two artists were meant to collaborate. However, according to them, there are no coincidences. Their collaboration has pushed them to not only cultivate their fascination with the fantastic and bold dreams, but also to put their shared interest in difference at the heart of their work.

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About the artists

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Ellen Furey (Montreal)

Ellen Furey describes herself as an artist, dancer, and choreographer inspired by working in close collaboration with others and by the intersection of art and life. She has worked with various people, namely Daniel Léveillé, Dana Michel, Sasha Kleinplatz, Simon Portigal, Andrew Tay/Stephen Thompson, Public Recordings, among others. She’s also the current artistic advisor for Danse-Cité.

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Malik Nashad Sharpe (London)

Malik Nashad Sharpe, a.k.a. marikiscrycrycry, describes himself as a choreographer and movement director who works in fashion just as much as in dance and theatre. He work has travelled widely in North America and Europe, notably including the prestigious Tate Britain (London), where he was an artist-in-residence, and Institute of Contemporary Art (London) to sell-out audiences. In Montreal, his piece $ELFIE$ was presented at MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels).

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Media Coverage

“Except it’s underpinning a gorgeous, lovesome episode of tightly synchronized dance where Furey and Sharpe repeat, and build on, little phrases of movement: small hops, shimmies, side-steps, bounce perfectly co-ordinated, so delectable you don’t want them to stop.”

Mary Brennan, The Herald (UK), 2019-10-25, à propos de SOFTLAMP.autonomies

“The performance creates a powerful and cohesive affective field that nonetheless permits a wide variety of responses to coexist: delight, stupor, impatience, awe, reverie, and, for me, a moment of pure adrenalized thrill.”

Philip Gates,, 2019-01-19, à propos de SOFTLAMP.autonomies


“For me, it’s not so much about making what we cannot see visible, because invisible things can also be realised. The only way things become visible is when you believe in their possibility.”

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