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Dominique Leclerc

Cheating Death

On the cusp of radical transformations in our world, shouldn’t we reconsider how ephemeral we actually are? i/O brings together transhumanist ideologies, posthumanist philosophy, and techno-utopia with the intimate story of the loss of a father. Through her own family history, Dominique Leclerc questions what we leave behind after we die—and what we don’t. She probes existential and ethical questions with sensitivity and care, while pointedly scrutinizing the future of our species.

In i/O, personal objects and video memories stand as witnesses of a forever fading past. Artefacts are placed in a time capsule created live on stage. Leclerc’s project, at once scientific and theatrical, is rigorous, generous, and funny, and allows for a fascinating dialogue between those who create new biotechnologies, those who use them, and the uninitiated. i/O is not only a show about death; it is resolutely imbued with a zest for life.

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Dominique Leclerc (Montreal) Posthumains

Dominique Leclerc is an author, director, actor, and producer. A 2002 graduate of the acting program at Collège Lionel-Groulx, she has participated in a number of productions including the group work Ishow, from 2011 to 2015, Trois by Mani Soleymanlou (FTA, 2014), and Nathan by Emmanuel Schwartz (FTA, 2012).

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Media Coverage

« Ici, Dominique Leclerc crée sur scène une chronique de postérité pour l’avenir, où nos ambitions de grandeurs rencontrent notre humanité. » 

Alexi Hachey-Brunet, La Presse, 2021-09-01

« Autobiographie, documentaire et fiction s’entremêlent ici avec aisance. […] i/O réussit la quadrature du cercle : provoquer, informer, divertir et émouvoir. » 

Mario Cloutier, JEU, 2021-11-18

« i/O propose une ode à la force et a la fragilité du genre humain. Dominique Leclerc est une artiste totale doublée d’une grande vulgarisatrice, à la manière d’un Robert Lepage. » 

Luc Boulanger, La Presse, 2021-11-23

« Une œuvre brillante et touchante. […] L’équilibre entre les différents éléments qui composent ce chef d’œuvre n’aurait pas pu être mieux. »

Catherine Fournier, Boucle magazine, 2021-11-30

« L’autrice réussit à nous aspirer dans ce monde. Le rythme est dynamique et sans compromis. Bravo Dominique Leclerc ! »

Micheline Rouette, ARP.MEDIA, 2021-11-19


As artists, we’re constantly asking ourselves how to deal with the effects, both positive and negative, of coupling the human body and technology—questions that can sometimes be perceived as complex, elitist, or remote, but they are of immediate concern to all of us. 

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