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Emily Johnson: Umyuangvigkaq

Emily Johnson + Karyn Recollet


The works of choreographer Emily Johnson serve as portals linking architecture, peoples, history, and visionary ideas. An artist from the Yupik nation originally from Alaska, she defines herself in relation to the present, past, and future realities that form who she is. Intent on working toward new, equitable structures, she seeks a path of self-determination for Indigenous artists. Based in Lenapehoking (New York), she hosts regular ceremonial bonfires in her neighbourhood that bring people together through chants and stories.

Take part in this kinstillatory round table conversation led by Emily Johnson and Karyn Recollet.

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Emily Johnson (New York) Guest artist

Emily Johnson is an artist who makes body-based work. She is a land and water protector and an organizer for justice, sovereignty and well-being. A Bessie Award-winning choreographer, Guggenheim Fellow and recipient of the Doris Duke Artist Award, she is based in Lenapehoking / New York City. Emily is of the Yup’ik Nation, and since 1998 has created work that considers the experience of sensing and seeing performance.

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Karyn Recollet (Toronto) Moderator