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Joik Performance Lecture

Sara Marielle Gaup Beaska

Joik, the vocal music of the Sámi people, is rooted in their way of living on and engaging with the land. Practiced exclusively by residents of the Sápmi region, this living tradition reflects a conscientious, inspirational relationship with nature and the world. With the help of an expert, discover the history and technique behind these powerful songs of life, which are celebrated in FTA 2023’s opening show.

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Sara Marielle Gaup Beaska

Sara Marielle Gaup is a traditional and modern north-Sámi juoigi (yoiker) who also works with duodji (Sámi crafts). She is a mother and an activist and has a decolonizing agenda with everything she does. She wears gákti (traditional clothes) every day, and she yoiks/sings daily.

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