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Le virus et la proie

Pierre Lefebvre + Benoît Vermeulen

Powerful Vulnerability 

Heedless and elusive, power appears to us citizens of the 21st century like a thousand-headed hydra, at once everywhere and nowhere. Engaging it in dialogue is impossible. Fed up with remaining silent before the barely concealed cruelty of the law, four people lay it all on the line, speaking out in voices quivering with the force of truth, the weight of their words highlighted by their presence on stage.

In this piece addressed directly to a politician, writer and intellectual Pierre Lefebvre highlights all the social diseases that undermine the equality of opportunities in our neoliberal world. Thanks to Benoît Vermeulen’s stripped-down direction, the performance relies primarily on sharing the voices of a remarkable, unified cast. On stage, the body and the text are finally able to say together what neither can say on its own. Thoughtful outrage is the desired outcome!

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© Christine Bourgier

Pierre Lefebvre (Montreal)

After studying French literature at the Université de Montréal, Pierre Lefebvre directed radio documentaries for Radio-Canada’s culture channel, including Ignorances : un état des lieux (2003-2004 Prix de la radio award for best documentary show). 

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Benoît Vermeulen (Montreal)

After he co-founded Théâtre le Clou in 1989, the works directed by Benoît Vermeulen soon earned him an international reputation in the field of theatre for teens. 

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“It all began with a short text that Olivier Choinière asked me to write in 2016 for his second volume of 26 lettres : Abécédaire des mots en perte de sens. He assigned me L for “Liberal”. I therefore addressed my letter to Quebec’s premier at the time, Philippe Couillard.”

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