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L’homme rare

Nadia Beaugré

The Spirit Has No Colour

Nadia Beugré, a socially engaged Ivorian choreographer whose work has been appearing on stages around the world for the past decade, likes to call a spade a spade. She actually has a middle name, Gbahihonon, which means “the woman who says what she sees”—something she does without prompting. This sets the tone for her work.

L’homme rare invites us to experience both the joy and light of dance and the weight and darkness of History, conveying it all with energy, generosity, humour, and power. For the first time, Beugré is directing a quintet of male dancers, who are mostly nude and seen from behind. The piece is a deconstruction of masculinity, but it’s also more than that. Through dance, Beugré takes direct aim at gender-based and post-colonial representations of the body, deploying an approach at once critical and sensual.

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Nadia Beaugré (Abidjan + Montpellier) Libr'Arts

A native of Abidjan, Nadia Beugré was for many years a dancer in the Ivorian company Tché-Tché (which performed in Montreal at FIND in 1999) with Béatrice Kombé, who played an important role in her personal development.

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“With the back and the nudity, I push them into adopting the position of a voyeur. That forces them to ask themselves questions about their gaze and their own body.”

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