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Dana Michel

Vital Space is the Place

Dana Michel specializes in creating situations governed by their own logic. She lives in a world of objects to which she gives new meaning and purposes, away from binary and linear thinking and doing. She breaches social norms from a position of curiosity rather than provocation, gently ushering supposed “marginal figures” to the centre of the conversation. With humour and sensitivity, she questions our very modes of existence.

MIKE asserts the nomadic aesthetic that has become Michel’s calling card over the course of her career. In an open space, during three hours, MIKE invites the audience to spend time inside its universe. It revolves around work culture and self-respect, and puts forward a burning question: is it possible to live public lives that reflect our inner selves? Put your faith in Michel’s hands, one yes at a time. 

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Dana Michel (Montreal) SCORP CORPS

She describes herself as a live artist. Exploring the world of nuance, Dana caused a stir from the start with her first creations. Since then, she has been refining her exploration of time and improvisation, finding her own way into concepts such as identity, sexuality, and work.

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Media Coverage

« Ses spectacles sont toujours jouissifs à regarder. »

Thomas Duret, Arts et Culture, 2019-05-31 about CUTLASS SPRING

« La démarche novatrice de Dana Michel réside en ce qu’elle retourne aux origines de ce que peut vouloir dire l’expression « arts vivants ». […] Dana Michel est une pierre précieuse de l’Art d’aujourd’hui. […] Elle déjoue constamment les expectatives du public. »

Mario Cloutier, En Toutes Lettres, 2019-06-03 about CUTLASS SPRING

« Proposition radicalement différente, la performance de Dana Michel apparait comme un vent de liberté. »

Adrien Kuenzy, 24 Heures, 2019-09-27 about CUTLASS SPRING


 “Each project that I undertake and each conversation that I have inform my preoccupations. I’m mainly interested in creating more space for a diversity of perspectives and of ways of being and living.”

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