FTA Playground

Screendance under the Stars

As night falls, discover a rich selection of screendance curated by Regards Hybrides. Founded in 2012, this initiative supports the development and promotion of artistic practices in which dance and cinema are intertwined. This special screening offers a thrilling preview of the new Regards Hybrides Collection of over sixty Canadian works.

Short film selection: 

+ Baker (2018) by Vicky Grondin and Jossua Collin Dufour
+ Chainreaction (2014) by Dana Gingras
+ Abismo (2016) by Pablo DiConca and Catherine Gaudet
+ Godlin (2021) by Jontae McCrory
+ Inuit High Kick (2009) by Alethea Arnaquq-Baril 
+ La Chambre blanche (1992) by Isabelle Hayeur and Ginette Laurin
+ Do Butterflies Remember Being Caterpillars? (2020) by Caraz and Alessandro Giaquinto, with Lucas Patuelli
+ La La La Human Sex – Duo No.1 (1989) by Édouard Lock and Bernar Hébert
+ Odehimin (Baie du cœur) (2020) by Kijâtai-Alexandra Veillette-Cheezo

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