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Tales of the Dramaturges

Sara Vanderieck + Riccardo Fazi +
Noel Bonilla Chongo + Adriana Urrea +
Gaëlle Bien-Aimé + Silvia Soter da Silveira

Representing different countries, contexts, and artistic practices, our dramaturges will talk about their work in progress, their concerns, and their creative urges. Get to know them better through this free-flowing discussion.

Coordinators and moderators Yohayna Hernandez + Emmanuelle Jetté

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Sara Vanderieck (Belgium) Guest dramaturge

An independent dramaturg, Sara Vanderieck obtains her degree in theater directing at the RITCS in Brussels.

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Riccardo Fazi (Italy) Guest dramaturge

Riccardo Fazi is dramaturg, sound-artist and researcher. Together with Claudia Sorace he founded Muta Imago company in Rome in 2006.

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Noel Bonilla Chongo (Cuba) Guest dramaturge

Noel Bonilla-Chongo holds a PhD in art sciences from Universidad de las Artes de Cuba, and accompanies teachers, playwrights, researchers and administrators working in the performing arts.

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Adriana Urrea (Colombia) Guest dramaturge

A philosopher by training, Adriana María Urrea Restrepo devotes her time both to her academic career and to cultural, artistic, and publishing activities in the public and private sectors.

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Gaëlle Bien-Aimé (Haiti) Guest dramaturge

Gaëlle Bien-Aimé is a journalist, actress, comedian, author, director and co-founder of Acte, école d’art dramatique. She is also an activist and a member of the feminist organization Nègès Mawon.

Silvia Soter da Silveira (Brazil) Guest dramaturge

Silvia Soter is a professor at the School of Education at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, a researcher and dance critic.

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