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Vástádus eana – The answer is land

Elle Sofe Sara

The Voices of the Tundra

Seven black-clad women, fists raised, brandish megaphones above their heads, in front of Esplanade Tranquille. They start dancing to ask the land for permission to gather on it. Then, walking with heads held high, they lead the audience into the depths of the theatre for Vástádus eana: a galvanizing choreographed concert that amplifies the long-repressed voices of the Sámi people.

Through their polyphonic chants and their movements, the performers draw us into an a cappella story of resistance and healing. Their voices are rooted in joik, the captivating Sámi music sung while travelling across the land. Embodying memory, they celebrate the alliances between all living creatures and the land, between nature and the community. Inspired by socio-ecological movements and Sámi spirituality, this hymn pays tribute to all those who fight injustice. Feel our collective strength!

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Elle Sofe Sara (Guovdageaidnu)

Operating at the intersection of the performing arts, film, and video, choreographer and director Elle Sofe Sara explores various aspects of physicality and Sámi customs that have escaped colonial erasure.

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Media Coverage

“A performance of roots, reclamation and resilience. […] A tremblingly beautiful polyphony.”

Sedera Ranaivoarinosy, Spring Back Magazine (Germany), 2022-08-19

“Sara’s creation has the audience swimming through a polyphonic channel of sound. […] Gentle and powerful.”

Parvatchi Ramanathan, Tanzschreiber (Germany), 2022-08-15

“Elle Sofe’s approach and choreographic language make her one of the most interesting choreographers of her generation. […] She manages to present hyper-local themes in a way that is experienced universally.”

Frode Fjellheim, (Norway), 2021-06-30

Vástádus eana should be seen by a large audience. […] I sincerely hope that people seize the unique possibility Elle Sofe Sara offers: A small all evening event of sonorous magic.”

Karen Frøsland Nystøyl, NRK (Norway), 2021-06-20


“Some might think that being bound to traditional lands might inhibit your creative approach. In fact, it’s very liberating and makes me stronger as an artist.”

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