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The Making of Pinocchio

Rosana Cade + Ivor MacAskill

A Tale of Love and Transition

From the moment he comes to life in Geppetto’s workshop, Pinocchio is driven by the desire to become a “real boy”. In The Making of Pinocchio, the wooden marionette’s quest for identity becomes the perfect guise for Rosana Cade and Ivor MacAskill to explore the latter’s gender transition. The creative duo, who are also a couple in real life, cleverly and candidly transform the puppet’s adventures into a fabulously inventive film shoot that reflects a unique—even magical—experience of the world.

Moving between personal testimony and formal experimentation, full of hilarious and heart-breaking, tender moments, The Making of Pinocchio draws us into a fantastic universe where our perceptions are constantly distorted and dismantled. Using what’s happening on stage to create new possibilities on screen, Cade, MacAskill and their collaborators deploy a playful world of images and sounds in a theatrical language that is very much their own.

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Rosana Cade + Ivor MacAskill (Glasgow)

Residents of Glasgow, Scotland, Rosana Cade and Ivor MacAskill are both a couple and an artistic duo. Together, they invent offbeat worlds by combining various forms of expression, including video, cabaret, performing arts, children’s performance, and site-specific and socially engaged practices.

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“What results can sometimes be ravishingly beautiful. […] While there’s plenty of light and humour in this show, there’s plenty that is profound too.”

Rachel Halliburton, The Arts Desk (United Kingdom), 2022-07-02

« On ne finit jamais d’éplucher les analogies et les lectures possibles de ce spectacle qui brille par sa sincérité et son intelligence. […] J’ai pleuré ces larmes qui ne coulent que devant la beauté. »

Léa Malgouyres, I/O Gazette (France), 2022-07-07

The Making of Pinocchio overruns with DIY ingenuity. […] I feel invited to see beneath these complex layers of performative irony, allegory and reverie, is the beautifully commonplace reality of a relationship.”

Ben Kulvichit, Exeunt (United Kingdom), 2021-06-03


“Pinocchio is known for his lies, with his little wooden nose that grows longer. That was an element that interested us, because even now, there’s still this discourse around the issue of gender, accusing trans people of lying, of inventing a reality that doesn’t exist.”

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