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This FTA Playground is part of: Water Day

The St. Lawrence: Protecting its Lives

Nathalie Gravel + Yenny Vega Cárdenas +
Geneviève Dupéré + Raimunda Gomes da Silva +
Valérie Ivy Hamelin


This event brings together artists, activists, and academics to discuss protecting the St. Lawrence River and its ecosystems. How would recognizing the river as a legal person favour better management of its waters? Brazil’s Raimunda Gomes da Silva, a leader in the fight for workers’ rights and environmental conversation in the Amazon rainforest, will provide the opening remarks.

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Nathalie Gravel (Québec) Moderator

Nathalie Gravel holds a BSc in geography from Université de Sherbrooke (1994), a master’s in geography (1998), and a PhD focusing on rural geography in Latin America (2003), both from Université Laval. She also did a postdoc at Yale (2003-2005), where she researched food security in rural regions of central Mexico.

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Yenny Vega Cárdenas (Montreal) Guest

Yenny Vega Cárdenas is a lawyer working in Quebec and Columbia. She holds a master’s in business law, and a PhD in water law.

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Geneviève Dupéré (Montreal) Guest

Working between the arts and the sea, Geneviève Dupéré is director of écH2osystème, a maritime research and creation project that bridges the gap between the Saint Lawrence and the stage, and between the stage and the audience.

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Raimunda Gomes da Silva (Altamira) Guest

Raimunda Gomes da Silva was born riverine, in Pedreiras, Maranhão, on the banks of the Parnaíba, on November 30, 1959. She is secretary of the Xingu Women’s Collective, participates in the Xingu Vivo para Sempre Movement and is a member of the Xingu Riverine Council

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Valérie Ivy Hamelin (Gespeg) Guest

Valérie Ivy Hamelin is a member of the Mi’kmaw community of Gespeg, in the Gaspé. She is an activist and advocate for land defence, and identifies as a water carrier. 

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