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Them Voices

Lara Kramer

Future Lineage

In Them Voices, past and future generations gather and manifest themselves in Lara Kramer’s body, mind and dreams. In WindigoPhantom Stills & Vibrations (FTA, 2018) and in This Time Will Be Different (FTA, 2019), the choreographer of mixed Oji-Cree and settler heritage confronted an incessant and eternal present. In keeping with her journey to the heart of her lineage, Kramer anchors herself and becomes an open conduit through time and space; her multidisciplinary practice embodies primordial voices of past and future.

Based on last year’s show in the garden of the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, the new indoor version of this solo performance explores the relationship between the artist’s body and her memory, calling upon notions of performance, social critique and cultural resistance. With Them Voices, Lara Kramer excavates a world where stories come together to assess the consequences of our actions on future generations.

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Lara Kramer (Montreal) Lara Kramer Dance

Lara Kramer is a choreographer and multidisciplinary artist of mixed Oji-Cree and Mennonite heritage. Her work, which is grounded in intergenerational relations and knowledge and the impacts of the Indian Residential Schools of Canada, has been presented all across Canada, in Martinique, New Zealand, the UK and Australia.

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Media Coverage

« Un solo poétique cohérent dans sa lenteur et ses séquences dépouillées »

Guylaine Massoutre, Spirale, 2021-05-31

« Them Voices fait converger en un seul corps et un seul lieu des siècles de mémoire collective et individuelle. »

Mégane Desrosiers, JEU, 2021-05-28


“Mostly, I wanted to dive into something that was exploring different avenues of thriving, a continuing of… Not just a reimagining, but a reinventing of narratives.”

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