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Thinking Together: The Extended Community of the FTA Clinics

Yohayna Hernandez + Emmanuelle Jetté +
Émilie Martz-Kuhn + Sara Vanderieck +
Riccardo Fazi + Katya Montaignac


From Rome to Berlin, by way of Valenciennes, Ghent or Kinshasa, the FTA Clinics have already experienced several lives. Its evolution has resulted in a book to be released in the fall, a handbook detailing unique practices—the dramaturgical walk; the “repair table”; musical, urban, or haunted dramaturgy! This discussion will retrace the development of the questions and the collective impulses that drive it.

In association with Les enfants du garage + LA SERRE – arts vivants + CAMPO + Kunstencentrum Nona arts

Presented with the support of Gouvernement Flamand

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Yohayna Hernandez (Montreal) Moderator

A dramaturge at Osikan. Vivero Escénico Experimental, Yohayna Hernández is interested in the relationships between experience and language. Her work is located at the crossroads of research, creation, and thought.

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Emmanuelle Jetté (Montreal) Moderator

FTA’s Associate Dramaturg Emmanuelle Jetté has been working closely with the Festival for the past four years. In 2022, she designed and coordinated the FTA Clinics project in collaboration with Yohayna Hernandez.

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Émilie Martz-Kuhn (Montreal) Guest

Playwright at LA SERRE – performing arts, teacher and researcher, Émilie Martz-Kuhn has for several years nurtured a marked interest in transmission, in all its forms, artistic accompaniment and the development of singular spaces of thought.

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Sara Vanderieck (Belgium) Guest

An independent dramaturg, Sara Vanderieck obtains her degree in theater directing at the RITCS in Brussels.

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Riccardo Fazi (Italy) Guest

Riccardo Fazi is dramaturg, sound-artist and researcher. Together with Claudia Sorace he founded Muta Imago company in Rome in 2006.

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Katya Montaignac (Montreal) Guest

Formed in the dance department of university Paris 8,Katya Montaignac has worked as a dancer, choreographer, dance dramaturg. 

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