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White Out

Nancy Bussières + Anne-Marie Ouellet +
Thomas Sinou

Waiting for Dawn

A room by the sea. Mist rising. And then gradually, everything disappears – the expanse of the stage gives way to a vertiginous theatrical world of the senses, dream-like and disorienting. Our only guide through this almost rapturous experience is the faint voice of a woman, cautiously finding her way back to reality. Marguerite Duras’ novel The Malady of Death provides the root note for this song of shadows.

White Out is a true immersion in the world of Quebecois theatre company L’eau du bain—a trio of artists who play with sound and dreams. In a dazzling chamber of light orchestrated by Nancy Bussières, Thomas Sinou weaves a live electroacoustic soundscape; on stage, Anne-Marie Ouellet performs the dynamic piece, which she also scripted, on her own… until unexpected lively presences appear alongside her. This shimmering, poetic journey will take your breath away.


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About the artists

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Nancy Bussières (Montreal) L'eau du bain

An artist and professor at the École supérieure de théâtre at the Université du Québec à Montréal, Bussières has designed the lighting for many shows, adopting an approach focused on experience and perception.

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Anne-Marie Ouellet (Chelsea) L'eau du bain

Anne-Marie Ouellet, who defines herself as the group’s “prospector,” is interested in the porous spaces between reality and fiction. Also a professor in the University of Ottawa’s Department of Theatre, she handles directing duties for L’eau du bain and sometimes appears on stage, allowing her to pursue her experimentation at the heart of the theatre.

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Thomas Sinou (Chelsea) L'eau du bain

Thomas Sinou, who studied at the Institut supérieur des techniques du son in Paris, is interested in the interaction between the audience, the theatrical space, and the people who perform there.

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Media Coverage

« Expérience sensorielle puissante et saisissante, la création White Out, dont le sujet traite d’une perte de repères, plonge le spectateur entre le rêve et l’éveil. […] C’est réussi.»

Yves Leclerc, Le Journal de Québec, 2022-05-28

« Tempête sensorielle aux confins du vide. »

Anicée Lejeune, Le Droit, 2022-04-05

« Le spectateur se retrouve au cœur d’un immense vortex sonore et visuel. »

Yves Leclerc, Le Journal de Québec, 2022-05-28


“The traces that the other leaves behind open up an abyss, which we symbolize with the whiteout, the loss of external bearings, a void echoing that which opens up around you when your life’s structures or bearings fall away.”

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