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Workshop: AbstractCommercial

Malik Nashad Sharpe

This workshop is unfortunately cancelled.

“AbstractCommercial” is a dance workshop sitting at the intersection of commercial dance’s textural and production values and more abstract choreographic idiosyncrasies, nodding towards a new Avant-Garde movement system. Mixing dance styles from social media like Tik Tok with Post-Contemporary, Hip-Hop, and Pop, this workshop will follow the process of getting ready to perform in a large stadium for millions – but in the imaginary.

Big dancing, big steps, sharp turns, to the music, but with weird tools and shifted values. It will be sweaty.

In association with Union des artistes + Compétence Culture
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Malik Nashad Sharpe (London)

Malik Nashad Sharpe, a.k.a. marikiscrycrycry, describes himself as a choreographer and movement director who works in fashion just as much as in dance and theatre. He work has travelled widely in North America and Europe, notably including the prestigious Tate Britain (London), where he was an artist-in-residence, and Institute of Contemporary Art (London) to sell-out audiences. In Montreal, his piece $ELFIE$ was presented at MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels).