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Yellow Towel: 10th Anniversary… and a Book!

Dana Michel + Michael Nardone

A milestone in international choreography, Yellow Towel revealed Dana Michel as an artist to be reckoned with ten years ago. As amazing as the show itself, the book Yellow Towel: A Score, conceived in collaboration with writer and editor Michael Nardone, works to exalt in its spirit. A book launch, with cake and bubbles!

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Dana Michel (Montréal) SCORP CORPS

She describes herself as a live artist. Exploring the world of nuance, Dana caused a stir from the start with her first creations. Since then, she has been refining her exploration of time and improvisation, finding her own way into concepts such as identity, sexuality, and work.

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Michael Nardone (Montréal)

Michael Nardone is a poet and editor based in Montréal. He is the author of two books, The Ritualites and Transaction Record, and editor of the recent edition Aural Poetics.

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