An FTA Playgrounds Series, FTA 2022


The FTA Clinics are back for a sixth edition! A special opening in the Festival, this “unproductive” space/time is devoted to activities that support the local artistic community. Six dramaturges will meet with Montreal artists and their work processes through one-on-one dialogue. Two public activities will help present the unsung work of these artisans of thought and share tools and experiences. 

In their first year running the Clinics, Yohayna Hernandez and Emmanuelle Jetté are committed to showcasing pluralistic, open-ended, and inventive dramaturgy, notably by favouring encounters between north and south. Throughout their stay, the guest dramaturges will turn a space in the QG into their home—an ephemeral site of occupation to tinker with and decorate with traces of their thoughts, a site of interaction to promote collective thinking!

Coordinators and moderators Yohayna Hernandez + Emmanuelle Jetté

Guest dramaturges Sara Vanderieck (Belgique) + Riccardo Fazi (Italie) + Noel Bonilla Chongo (Cuba) + Adriana Urrea (Colombie) + Gaëlle Bien-Aimé (Haïti) + Silvia Soter da Silveira (Brésil)


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