An FTA Playgrounds Series, FTA 2023


A special opening in the Festival, FTA Clinics have their own logic: produce nothing, but give everything! With attentive care and enthusiasm, local and international dramaturges will meet with Montreal artists and explore their work processes through one-on-one dialogue. This year, there will be an entire afternoon of exchange and sharing between dramaturges and artists on stage. Inspired by our passion for the creative process and love of lengthy conversations and delightful provocations, FTA Clinics offer a time and place to discover the unsung work of the dramaturges as well as their tools and experiences.

Directors and moderators Yohayna Hernández + Émilie Martz-Kuhn + Jessie Mill

Guest dramaturges Jordi Claramonte (Barajas de Melo) + Carole Karemera (Kigali) + Kama La Mackerel + Melmun Bajarchuu (Berlin) + Sara Vanderieck (Bruxelles) + Silvia Soter da Silveira (Rio de Janeiro)


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