Due to the current context, all FTA Playgrounds activities are cancelled.

Invigorating, the FTA Playgrounds flourish in realms imagined by artists – emerging new forms, fabulous apparitions.

The experience of these works is prolonged in a large number of encounters. Lively conversations encourage a sharing of old and new knowledge that constantly expands the potential of our world. Ideas and new thoughts burst forth, enthralling the mind and gladdening the heart.

Naming reality differently so that it can exist in new forms. Artists, scientists, thinkers – the FTA Playgrounds guests are all storytellers of some sort, speaking to the imagination and letting it roam. The Quartier général becomes a sanctuary of enthusiasm where birds roost, humans dance and life explodes, making but one demand – live it to the full.



Turn experience into knowledge. Reinvigorate artistic creation. Keep your tools and approaches attuned to the present. The FTA Playgrounds for Professionals are spaces for experimentation, exchange and emulation open to artists, designers, performers and artisans in the performing arts. Workshops with artists featured in the Festival, a forum for ideas and individual consultations with dramaturges.

On the sidelines of the main event and free of the imperatives of production, they are an opportunity for significant encounters, a welcome break and a moment to collectively recharge creative batteries.

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