The FTA Clinics

The FTA Clinics are back! A special opening in the Festival, they provide a space-time devoted to open and inventive dramaturgy that offers a helping hand to the local artistic community. Five playwrights will assist participants in developing ideas and a creative process, contributing their own brand of creativity. They will meet with Montreal artists and engage in dialogue, offering their focused attention, listening skills and enthusiasm. This year, some twenty one-on-one encounters around playwriting will take place during the Festival.

As the closing event of the Clinics, The Great Healing Conference ties the small gestures of artistic guidance to holistic and medicinal healing practices. A deeply multidisciplinary discussion that invites us to envision the theatre arts as revolutionary action and to open our endeavours to entirely unconventional approaches.

Information : [email protected]  


TransFormation Danse

TransFormation Danse is a contemporary dance intensive workshop for professional dancers, choreographers, teachers, and emerging artists. A variety of workshops, laboratories and classes are offered on an à la carte basis. The artists themselves choose and design a schedule and programming which best embodies the pursuit of their own artistic development. This year, Manuel Roque offers a plunge into his approach to dance creation.

May 24 to 31, 2021