Festivalgoers’ Sustainability Guide


Do you want to help make FTA an eco-friendly event?

Here are a few ideas:  

Use the recycling facilities available in various public sites at the Festival and limit the use of disposable products. We encourage you to separate recyclable, compostable, and refundable items. If you see waste on the ground, please dispose of it in the appropriate bin.




Our printed materials are certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Each year, we print fewer copies of the official program by diversifying our communication strategies. We also reuse or repurpose signage. Share the Festival’s promotional tools with your friends and recycle them once you have finished using them.



Support stores and restaurants in the vicinity of Festival venues. Consult our suggestions near the venues where shows are held.




Travel by active or public transportation. Metro and Bixi stations near Festival venues are indicated on the area map for each one. Are you visiting from outside the city? Download the free app for Poparide, a city-to-city carpooling platform that’s simple, secure, and fun to use. Amigoexpress also offers a carpooling service.



We invest a lot of effort in offsetting the impact of travel by our artists, guests, and programming team. We encourage you to make a donation to Planetair as well to offset the impact of attending the event. Use the code FTA2023.




Bring a reusable water bottle so you can fill it up at one of our water fountains. Don’t have one? Then ask for an Ecocup at our Quartier général bar – it’s free!




Avoid printing out your tickets and show them on your smartphone instead when entering the venue.




When you buy your tickets, we suggest making a donation to support FTA’s artists and mission.




Opt for vegan or vegetarian dishes, which have a smaller carbon footprint.




Take advantage of our selection of local drinks and support our caterer, who prioritizes local, organic, and seasonal products.



Adopt responsible digital practices, such as turning off your electronic devices when not using them, deleting outdated elements from your accounts, and reducing your screen time.




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Consult our Sustainability page to discover our vision and plan for 2022-2026.

Send us your comments, ideas, or questions at [email protected]!