“Every spring, artists delight us, move us deeply, and feed our most intimate questions in a joyful celebration of theatre and dance from around the world. Help us continue this adventure by supporting FTA.”

Martine Dennewald and Jessie Mill, Co-Artistic Directors
David Lavoie, Executive Director


and receive even more

Fundraising Campaign 2023-2024

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We use the Zeffy (formerly Simplyk) platform to process donations because it is completely free and financed through voluntary contributions. If you do not wish to donate to Simplyk, simply select “Other amount” in the corresponding section and enter “0.”

Other ways to give

Major donations

Make the most of a major donation’s profound impact and enjoy substantial tax benefits when you support FTA. Donations start at $1,000 and contributors receive a tax receipt along with the exclusive privileges of FTA’s ambassador.
Securities donations

Consider making a charitable gesture through the donation of securities, using Canadian or American shares or mutual funds. The minimum contribution is $2,000 for physical certificates and $200 for digital securities. Just complete this form and reach out to us.
First major cultural donation

Take advantage of exceptional credits by making a first major cultural donation, supported by the government of Quebec with an additional 25% credit. Eligible donations range from $5,000 to $25,000. For more detailed information, visit the Revenu Québec’s website here.

Planned donation

Explore the possibilities offered by planned donations, a philanthropic approach involving financial and estate planning. Whether through a will or life insurance, you can ensure the continuity of a cause dear to your heart while simultaneously reducing the tax burden on your estate. Click here for more information.


You can also donate…

By phone or e-mail

Contact our philanthropy team at 514 842 0704 ext. 32 or write to us at aya.mcheimeche@fta.ca

by mail

Send a cheque made out to Festival TransAmériques along with the duly completed donation form to the following address:

Festival TransAmériques
P.O. Box 1206, succursale Desjardins
Montreal, QC  H5B 1C3