Festival TransAmériques (FTA) is an international performing arts festival dedicated to the most contemporary expressions of dance and theatre. Since its first edition in 1985, it has sought out bold, distinctive artistic work and fresh perspectives.

Located in Montreal/Tio’tia:ke/Mooniyang, FTA pursues an ongoing dialogue with the city and its history, theatres, and neighbourhoods. It attracts and engages with diverse audiences, which it aims to expand and draw closer.

As a coproducing festival, FTA supports the development and circulation of new work by Quebec, Canadian, and Indigenous artists, striving to establish the best possible conditions for it to flourish. The Festival aims to strengthen local artistic communities by offering spaces for sharing and mutual inspiration.

Through presenting shows from home and abroad, FTA fosters the growth of our imagination and honours the complexity of the world. The Festival initiates memorable discoveries and powerful experiences that connect emotion with knowledge. FTA is a celebration of the performing arts taking place at springtime each year.



Strength in Diversity

Creating conditions that ensure a wide range of perspectives, experiences, identities, styles, worldviews, and cosmogonies are represented. Offering spaces where all people are recognized for who they are, whatever their background, condition, sexual orientation, gender expression, and cultural and racial origins. Amplifying overlooked stories, dissenting voices, and marginalized languages on stage, among audiences, and throughout the organization.   


Initiating and building relationships based on reciprocity and solidarity to support the development of powerful works and the creation of lasting connections. Encouraging the debating of ideas and welcoming dissent as much as consensus. Collaborating, cooperating, and contributing.  

Enthusiasm and Acceptance

Encouraging curiosity while remaining wary of simplifying and appropriation strategies. Valuing research, experimentation, and new forms and initiatives by cultivating acceptance of complexity. Working to expand our fields of knowledge. Emphasizing joy and celebration.


Being open-minded and kind to the people we are connected to: artists, audience members, collaborators, professionals, employees. Fighting against discrimination, including racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and sexism.

Equality and Accessibility

Offering an environment that favours rectifying past and present inequalities, including work conditions, access to resources, authority, and responsibility. Facilitating equal access for audiences, employees, and collaborators through initiatives tailored to their needs. Prioritizing venues that enable universal accessibility and promoting economic accessibility.

Social and Environmental Justice

In the spirit of intersectionality, adopting environmental practices that take social inequalities into account. Embracing the transformations needed to keep the Festival going while respecting the living world and future generations. Demonstrating our solidarity with movements to achieve greater social justice, the demands of the First Nations, and the fight against climate change.